3D Summer Camp

What Parents Can Expect from a 3D Summer Camp

Have you put your child in a traditional summer camp before? Perhaps they have spent some of their time swimming in a lake, fishing, and going from one program to the next in person. This year, you want something different that is still going to keep them busy while providing them with a safe place to spend time. At Camp Virtual, we offer a 3D summer camp. It is very different from the types of experiences your teen or child may have at other places – and that is a good thing.

Your Child Is Safe

With online summer camp registration, your child will receive access to a very safe and secured site. They will have the ability to create an avatar to represent themselves. They use this avatar to walk around the virtual environment, going from one activity to the next. As a parent, you can feel confident that no one has access to these sites aside from your child and other campers like them.

What Is the Online Summer Camp Cost?

Our 3D summer camp is designed to be very flexible. Your child can be a part of it for a week or several weeks. They can engage with more than 60 hours worth of experiences throughout that time. They really do get to participate in a way that is enjoyable to them and that fits your schedule. The online summer camp cost is based on what they will do as well as the overall amount of time they will be a part of it. When you give us a call at Camp Virtual, we can provide you with more information. You can also pick and choose the experience for your child right now and receive an estimate for the cost. It is very easy to get started.

What Comes with Online Summer Camp Registration?

Keep in mind that our 3D summer camp is not a video game. They will not be working towards a silly goal or engaging in dangerous activities. Instead, your child will get to go from one activity to the next. They do this by attending classes. They can engage in Zoom meetings to connect people from around the world. They will also be able to explore social events in which they can meet and hang out with new campers that they meet. This is an outstanding way for them to really embrace a new type of camping.

Are you ready to learn more? Take a few minutes to check out the options here. Then use the online summer camp registration to set up your child’s experience. You can learn the online summer camp cost there as well.

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