Summer Activities For Kids

Summer Activities for Kids to Learn and Explore

Finding summer activities for kids can be challenging, especially in a world where there are so many health risks present. At Camp Virtual, we offer a better option. If you are looking for a way to encourage your child to do something interesting and educational this summer, check out our virtual experience. You may have heard of programs like Second Life. Our team takes that to the next level by creating a virtual campsite. They will be able to explore, learn, socialize, and have a lot of fun while they do it. And, they are doing it right from their home.

Check Out What They Will Learn

This type of summer camp for kids is meant to be a bit different than what they may expect from other experiences. Each child is able to go from one area of the campground to the other learning new things. They can do this to take in new and exciting experiences. Kids will be engaging in video conferencing using Zoom to interact with other campers and their instructors. They will get up, get active, and have a good time doing so.

What your child will learn in our summer camp for kids is really up to them. There are many activities to try out and experience including options ranging from the performing arts to sports they love. There are scout programs, bible study opportunities, and lots of interesting options for tech lovers such as 3D modeling with Blender and video game coding. Students really get to check out something new and interesting during each session that they log into during their experience. That makes this a very personalized experience for most kids.

Is This Just a Video Game?

Unlike some programs, Camp Virtual is designed to be focused on fun and learning combined. To achieve this, it aims to go beyond the Second Life style of play and provide more real life interactions. By meeting with camp counselors in Zoom calls and socializing with new friends online, kids really do get to learn and grow during each session. It can be a lot of fun because each day and experience is very different from the next. That lets kids really engage in a real life experience not just the average video game.

Summer activities for kids can often revolve around electronics. While some types of electronics will teach and help kids to really experience good things, others are very limiting. At our summer camp for kids, there are some outstanding opportunities present.

To find out more about how Camp Virtual works, give us a call. Talk to our team about what your kids will experience. And, take a few minutes to sign up.

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