Summer Camp

A New Take on Summer Camp

Are you looking for a way to encourage your child to engage in new activities and to build new relationships? Perhaps you want them to go to summer camp but you do not want to have them exposed to the current health risks around the world. Why not consider the benefits of Camp Virtual? We offer a virtual camp that allows them to engage, learn, and grow in a new way. For many people, this is an exceptional opportunity to have some fun but it is also perfect for summer camp adventures.

How Does This Summer Camp for Youth Work?

What is a virtual summer camp? Can it really work for your son or daughter? This type of experience is rather unique. Our camp at Camp Virtual was designed by real world summer camp professionals – those who have been creating and building successful camps for kids in nature for years. That includes summer overnight and day camps. This is a new opportunity to learn in a virtual way. Summer camp is very different here.

This type of youth camp is all online. It is available to kids from 7 to 17 who are looking for a better way to spend their time than watching TV. This is not a video game, though. That is an important part of understanding how a virtual camp works.

Rather, each day, a child will log into the site using their personalized data. They will be on a secured site that no one else can access. They will have their own avatar, an online tool that allows them to move through the summer camp experiences built into the program. They will enjoy interactive virtual reality using this tool. There are two way video meet ups that are a part of the camp. This allows them to work one on one with counselors and other campers to learn new things and to explore new opportunities.

Is This Youth Camp Right for Your Child?

At Camp Virtual, we aimed to create a summer camp for youth that is done from home but done in such a way that it is still fun and social. It is a way to encourage your child to learn something new, including new skills with cooking, painting, and even watersports. While they may not be getting wet in the water, they are able to engage in various activities with other campers in a true summer camp experience.

Our summer camp for youth is designed to accomplish all of the goals you have. That includes providing a safe way for your child to spend their summer game growing and learning. Contact Camp Virtual today to learn more about how your child can get involved.

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