Thank you for your interest in Camp Virtual,
the world's 1st online OverNight Summer Camp Adventure for kids ages 7 to 17.

Camp Virtual is not a video game.

Camp Virtual is actual Campers and Counselors experiencing camp together in a top quality 100 acre virtual reality environment.
Some activities take place at our 3D interactive camp facility such as horseback riding, archery, target practice, ropes course, sports, games, avatar theater, water ski, bumper boats, swimming, canoeing and so much more. Campers can learn and develop many skills which can be used in life.

Other activities are experience in two-way video meetings with expert online instructors
in areas such as STEM and STEAM, magic, animation, cooking, dance, acting, music, crafts and art to name just a few.

Due to the quality of Camp Virtual, very good WiFi and a desktop or laptop computer with camera is required. Head phones or ear phones are recommended. Virtual reality glasses can also be used. Cell phone and Tables will not work.

Camp Virtual Begins on
Monday, June 7


2021 Session Dates and Tuition

The Traditional Camp Tuition is only $279 week and includes many virtual activities together with camp friends, several zoom activities led by professionals, and a custom avatar which looks like your Camper! 

Included in up to 50 hours each week, there are hour long breaks for lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, and evening activities like ColorWarz games, tent camping, campfire Programs, as well as many competitions and contests with awards and prizes.

Campers may enjoy Camp Virtual,
Monday through Friday,

from 8:45am Morning Flag through
the last cabin activity ending about 9pm.

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